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by increasing the odds of truancy and substance abuse.

Here in Shasta County...

30 %

of students chronically absent.


The ages most people start Heroin.


Poverty rate. Higher

than national average. 

Helping to facilitate, support, and advocate for long term one-on-one mentoring & apprenticeships is the next phase of our building plan.
When you set out to do important work, you can't do it without someone who has gone there before you showing you the way.
Research proves that this is a necessary part of life. And in the construction world, where things can go wrong so easily without impeccable skill, and where things won't stand strong without guidance & guidelines , such apprenticeships are often mandated.
Even though there is more research than ever to indicate that without such connection, failure is inevitable, so many in the work world go without this type of teaching and support. To add to that, young people in the margins of our society today are often left to navigate their everyday lives without these special relationships at all. There is an urgent need for for mentors to help our kids grow into healthy adults

We will do our part in seeing that every young person in this community has someone to walk beside them in their journey to becoming a skilled, thriving contributor.

does this look like?

General Mentoring Connections




Official apprentice searches



Unofficial apprenticeships

is involved?

High School Students

Recent Graduates

Those In Our Scholarship Program

Construction PROS Who Can Lead

Partnering Government, NGO, & Non-Profit Mentoring Programs


Using our connections 

IN the construction Industry, We plan to create a community of builders who need good workers and are willing to Play a role in shifting the workforce culture. 

In addition, we are working to build connections in the education community, and with other long standing organizations who have been working to help at -risk students. These teams are familiar with what it takes to make safe and educated mentor connections between young people and stable adults who can help them succeed, and are a vital asset to our community.

do we plan to do it?


The Charles Candelaria Memorial Foundation exists to serve

aspiring skilled tradespeople in Northern California by providing

funding toward trade-specific education and training.

EIN: 81-3516054

Call: 530-221-3990

2956 Innsbruck Dr. Redding, CA 96003

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