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Executive Director



Chief Financial Officer


C H R I S T I N A  C A N D E L A R I A

Christina is Bay Area born, Redding raised and graduated from Central Valley High School. She spent 9 years as a medic in the United States Army and has a B.F.A in Screenwriting for Motion Pictures & Television. In 2006 she moved back home to Redding to work with her father Charles making monuments. Some of their civic projects can be found at the Redding Library, Simpson University and in Fall River Mills. 


Since coming back to Redding, she has volunteered her time toward community improvement in numerous ways including as a Shasta County Grand Juror and by working with youth through various non-profits on campuses such as Pioneer High School, P.A.C.E Academy and in the Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility.


There she created a curriculum under federal grants teaching young people how to embrace their stories. The project based class used character arc and other Hollywood storytelling techniques as an exciting formula and taught students how to be informed by their trauma, rather than controlled by it, in order change the trajectories of their own life stories.


She wrote about her time with her students and mentees as an opinion blogger for the Record Searchlight where she also covered topics such as "gang" activity and juvenile justice reform which played a role in informing county leaders. 

In 2019 she spent a summer with City of Redding Parks and Recreation as a Summer Adventures instructor where she spent most of camp teaching a handful of young girls how to properly use cameras and lenses as well as how to make a movie from story line-to script-to storyboards-to proper shot composition and lighting technique, sound design, set design, fight choreography (without violence and guns) and of to roll up cords properly.


She is passionate about seeing people find deep meaning in their stories, regardless of their circumstances, and then changing the narrative into one of hope and success. She is also committed to letting her Dad's legacy live on through helping people become leaders as craftspeople.


B r e n d a   C A N D E L A R I A

Brenda was born in New Jersey and lived in various parts of the country growing up in a United States Air Force family. They

eventually settled in the Bay Area, where she started a career in circuit boards manufacturing in the Silicon Valley. There she eventually met her husband Charles Candelaria. The two married and raised their two daughters in San Jose California until 1991 when they decided to move north to Redding and start a tile company. Thanks to Charles' entrepreneurial spirit, and Brenda's finely honed financial management skills, by the early 2000's Redding Tile and Stone Works was a thriving granite fabrication shop with a retail store, and the premiere tile contractor of the North State.  Due to the resilience and faith of both Candelarias, Redding Tile endured the 2008 recession heartily. And when her husband passed away suddenly in 2014, Brenda bravely decided to carry on his mission by keeping the business open, as well as founding a non-profit to carry on his legacy. 


The Charles Candelaria Memorial Foundation exists to serve

aspiring skilled tradespeople in Northern California by providing

funding toward trade-specific education and training.

EIN: 81-3516054

Call: 530-221-3990

2956 Innsbruck Dr. Redding, CA 96003

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