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CCM Began when a group of Charles Candelaria's life-long high school buddies got together and set up a golf tournament to honor his memory the summer after he passed away. The idea was to raise scholarship funds for local schools. It was a success, and the tournament produced enough funds for one scholarship. To ensure the funds would be distributed efficiently, and that there would be a way to get organized for future years, Chuck's wife Brenda created the foundation and filed for 501 (C) (3) status.

She believed the best way to use these funds was to award the scholarships to those seeking work in the construction skilled-trades. After all Charles started his tile contracting business with a dream that led to his establishment becoming one of the biggest in town, moving from tile installation to granite fabrication and a full retail shop. In the process, he mentored many young men into skilled tile pros, some of whom went on to start businesses of their own. His legacy is one of entrepreneurship and mentoring. His foundation, she believed, should carry the same spirit. Not only that, he often expressed concern for the dwindling work force and the impending labor crisis in the building world and he always wanted to do something about it.

The following year the tournament grew to produce enough funds to award two scholarships. Word began to spread. Support began to grow. Eventually, we expanded into what we are today; a team with a mission to fill the skilled-trades labor force gap by way of building a community of passionate allies, offering financial support for education and training, and helping to facilitate mentor/apprentice connections with North State construction industry pros and those who have serious goals to become finely tuned craftspeople.


The Charles Candelaria Memorial Foundation exists to serve

aspiring skilled tradespeople in Northern California by providing

funding toward trade-specific education and training.

EIN: 81-3516054

Call: 530-221-3990

2956 Innsbruck Dr. Redding, CA 96003

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