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You can't build something without knowing what you're doing.  But we all know that nothing is getting done without the money.


In America, post-secondary education costs money. Lot's of it.  Skilled-trades training on the whole costs less than your typical four year university, but it can still cost more than some can afford.

We started as a scholarship fund. That means no matter what we do going forward, our primary mission is to fund the future skilled-tradespeople of the North State, and will stay that way as long as we are around.

As of January 2020 we've given over 10,000 dollars to help fund the educations of 6 people in the North State, most of whom are already in the work force.


And this is just the beginning.   

 do we fund?

Tuition and School Fees


Tools & Supplies


Associations & Dues

will we fund?


minority demographics


Those starting over

anyone who proves themselves determined


One Time Donations


Monthly Donations


Corporate Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships

Hawking swag

That's an easy one....


With your help.

do we plan to do it?


The Charles Candelaria Memorial Foundation exists to serve

aspiring skilled tradespeople in Northern California by providing

funding toward trade-specific education and training.

EIN: 81-3516054

Call: 530-221-3990

2956 Innsbruck Dr. Redding, CA 96003

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